Monday, February 16, 2009


K so july was a crazy long time ago! tons has changed since july! Im now back in school, my sister lives back here with my niece kaylee (currently super sick! my poor bby) working on getting the second one here! woo! april! Then Shala and i are currently not friends anymore and i have accepted that! we went our seprate ways and i know that everything happens for a reason and she was doing some stuff i just didnt know if i was sure that was the road i wanted to take this early in life! so i have accepted that now and im kinda sorta dating a guy not in a realationship as of now we are just really goood friends one because every good realationship that lasts has to be built on friendship and 2 because this summer we are both going out of state but when he gets back he will leave for a mission after harvest.. then after his mission if we both still have feeling for each other we'd like to try a relationship. As for next year i am enrolling in tons of collage classes to get a jump start i got in to a cna class so i will graduate with my cna licence and 4 other collage credits.


shawnae said...

I saw your picture in the paper...where are you going for the summer? Are you comming to Nantucket to live with me?

gloria said...

You have some great plans. I hope they all work out. Lets try really hard so that they will. I love u