Monday, June 16, 2008

Life Sucks!

K so i am like beyond annoyed! Guys in burley are gay!! like all of them!! you like them they say they like you then stop talking to u completely!! and then do the same to ur bff!! err! i swear there is not a good guy my age in this town! I cant wait to leave and start my life!! But i still dont understand why they do it! They say girls change their minds fast! Hm.. ya!! And my best friend didnt even know i liked/like him! its just annoying!! :( I just dont know what to do! maybe im better off worrying about school instead!

But the better side of my week is my sister will be home soon with my neices!! Score!
i havent seen them in like a year and 7 months! its about time! Just FOUR more days!! and like 24 tell the family reunion! WOOO!

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Mistie said...

I never thought a teenager would like the family reunion so much. Arn't you teenagers suppose to hate your family?