Monday, June 16, 2008

This SUcks

K so MyDumb brother in-law if u could call him the least has been moving my sister more and more away from her family.. and she should have been coming home Friday because the jerk beat her...... in front of her 2 kids.. only one is his.. well she is in colorado so its difficult to help.. but he took the cops to her appt and decited that she wasnt allowed to leave with his daughter.. (wow way to be a dad now right) well she has court for devoirce and custody over lilly.. well i hope he dont get it... So this is beyond lame now.. i just want my sister HOME!
He's the kind of guy that makes me afraid to EVER be in a relationship.. its Scary..
But Hopefully she can come home with both of the girls before court..

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Mistie said...

Who is doing your posts? Toni or Amber Lee? Toni, where are you? Post a comment on Avery's blog so I still know your out there.